About Us

Hello! We are Applejack Edinburgh, a small, independent, alternative retailer based in the bonnie City of Edinburgh in Scotland. 
Jacqui, the proud owner of Applejack, first opened our doors to the public in 1998 with a team of just two people. Now, 20 years later, we're still going strong with a team of 6 people and and are very excited to be opening our first online store!
All of our staff have a passion for alternative clothing and style, which is why we love what we sell and love what we do. There are so many different styles and looks within the alternative culture, which is why we have such a broad range clothing, we really feel like we can say there is something for everyone at Applejack. 
Our lovely team of staff, consisting of Charlotte, Chloe, Dani, Jacqui, Lesley and Ronnie, are always happy to try their best to answer any questions or queries you may have. Call us on 07801501450 or send us an email at applejackstore@gmail.com or send us a private message through our Facebook Page or a direct message through our Instagram Account.