Kingsley Ryan - Stretching Kits


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PLEASE NOTE: Body Jewellery is non-returnable, please click here for more information on non-returnable items.

  • These kits are comprised of acrylic expanders in various shapes and colours
  • We have to sizes of kit, 1.6mm - 6mm and 2mm - 6mm
  • The product photo shows a small range of what types of patterns and colours you may receive!

What you will receive - 

  • Depending on what size kit you purchase you will receive 5 or 6 stretchers.
  • The designs of the kits are picked at random for example, if you wanted a kit of red spiral stretchers, you could end up with all the stretchers having zebra patterns on them or you could have every stretcher with a different pattern.
  • If you would like a specific pattern, or you would like to avoid a specific pattern let us know through our email! 

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